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Monday, April 15, 2013

{Artistic Composites - Take One}

One of the things that is on my photography bucket list is to learn about composites in Photoshop.  I have a concept shoot planned for this spring that is going to require a lot more artistic editing than I normally do.  I found an awesome tutorial online about composites and used that as my starting point.  I followed the tutorial to the letter and the end result blew me away!  It was easier than I anticipated.  I wanted to try one on my own, not following any tutorial but from scratch from what I had just learned.  And I did.  From there I just continued and before long I had a series of five different images that resembled illustrations in a story book.  I only intended on the practice, but my daughter loved them so much that I dedicated them to her. 

The result of the tutorial

These are my interpretations of “The Hunt of the Unicorn”, a famous set of tapestries now housed in the Cloisters in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tapestries were commissioned in the late 15th century and show a group of noblemen and hunters in pursuit of a unicorn. In legend it is said that only a virgin could tame the beast. Many scholars feel that these tapestries depicted the Passion of Christ and that the presence of the maid is a symbol of Christ’s relationship with the Virgin Mary. For more information on the tapestries you can visit the following page:

I am really inspired by the middle ages and the Renaissance. I cannot wait to explore this time period further with my photography!

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