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{About Me}

​​I have always been a creative person.  As a child I loved to draw, to paint, to color, and to daydream with an imagination so vivid that as an outlet I had to put my ideas down on paper.
Today I am a mother of a beautiful little girl who is my inspiration and my muse.  I am still a very creative person.  My love for the arts has never vanished and I still love to daydream. 

I am an avid reader.   I have a very extensive library of both fantasy, history biographies, and period fiction.  I love to lose myself in a good book and is where I draw a lot of my inspiration.

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd too! I have read the series and watched the movies too many times that I cannot count!  I'm in house Hufflepuff, by the way.  My Patronus is an antelope.  What's yours?

I also have a massive passion for history.  The Renaissance and Middle Ages are my favorite time periods and I am in love with Mary Queen of Scots!

I am an incredible Anglophile!!   I have aways wanted to travel to the U.K. and see the castles, live the history, and walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest monarchs of the time!

I love horses.  As a child I dreamed of becoming a jockey and riding in the Kentucky Derby.  I almost went to college to become a horse trainer too!  As I grew older and taller (and larger) that dream never became a reality but I love to photograph the breed and capture the love between girl and horse.

I love meeting new people and I really look forward to meeting you!