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Friday, January 11, 2013

{Happy New Year!} 2013 Goals

Goals, goals, goals.  I work in a corporate environment full time and that is all that we focus on come the new fiscal year! The company and employees all have to accomplish certain attainable goals in order to meet their objectives in order for the company to have a successful year.  It is very much the same for my part time business. So what are my goals for 2013?  As a business you need to have a plan and follow through with it in order to be successful.  I decided early on what my goals and plans of action would be for this year. So many things that I want to accomplish in 2013.

I know for certain that 2012 has totally rocked for my business!  One of my very first goals for 2013 was to become legit.  I am happy to say that I have finally taken that big leap!    I finally filed for my Pennsylvania EIN, PA tax license, and all the necessary paperwork to become a honest, tax paying, legit party.  I have created a website.    You can visit my new, up to date, website now with my very own domain name...eek!  I can't contain the excitement!  Next step is business insurance.  This is all so exciting!!

Another one of my goals for this year is education. I also want to learn!  I want to know all that there is to know!   I already have a couple of workshops lined up for this year which I am REALLY excited about.  This past weekend I took an online workshop with the awesome Jen Carver Photography.  I brushed up on my Photoshop skills and learned some new editing techniques.  It was so cool to watch a pro in action.  I found that I do quite a lot of the same things which was totally reassuring for me.  Most of what I know about Photoshop has been learned from books and playing around.  It is so neat to know that I am at least, doing it correctly.

I also have a big workshop lined up with THE Meg Bitton!  Oh I cannot express how excited I am to learn from Meg!  I am a huge admirer of her work.  Everything she creates is magic.  So you can imagine my excitement to take her Souls.Imagined.Fantasy class.  It starts the end of March and runs for two weeks.  I am frothing at the bit to dive in and start creating!!

I know that this year I really want to try to focus on more artistic imagery.  I really admire the photographers that are true to themselves and create art that is unique and beautiful.  I love stalking many photographers on Facebook and the one that comes to mind is Jessica Drossin.  Her work totally rocks and is so inspirational and unique.  I love that she create a piece of art that is totally rocking, unique, breathtaking, and totally outside the box!

I am so looking forward to this year and what it may bring.  I promised myself that this year I am going to reach for the stars!  I am going to dream big, imagine all the possibilities, create my own destiny, and love unconditionally.  I know I love photography!  And I am going to love this journey!  Thank you for sharing it with me!

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