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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Fairy Artists' Collaboration - Nature Fairies}

When I was asked to participate in an artists' collaboration by Fairyography I was over the moon!  How honored and excited I was to have my work shared along with other amazing photographers!  I couldn't wait to get started. Earlier in the year I had already planned to photograph fairies and I had purchased two gorgeous dresses from B4 Bubs.  It was perfect timing!

I wanted to create my rendition of nature fairies.  Fairies that were very organic and simple.  I chose my daughter and my niece for the session since they are close in age and look so much alike.

I scheduled the session on Friday July 5th.  That day was sooo hot!  I could not have picked the worst day of the year to do this session.  It was 95 degrees with 85% humidity.  The girls had their hair done at a local salon and as soon as they went outside their hair flopped!  We made the best of it and ventured out to Prophecy Creek Park in Ambler.  With props and water in tow we trekked almost a mile into the woods on what was, unarguably, the hottest day of the year!!  The heat was just relentless!  Thank goodness I had an assistant for this one because I could not have done it on my own!  I was recouperating for days after this because I know I suffered from heat stroke.

In the end it was worth it!  You  can view the PDF of all the amazing talent that participated in the Artist' Collaboration  Fairies {here}.  It will blow your socks off!

Dresses: B4 Bubs
Wings: FairyTrade
Hair: La Mirage Salon
Hair wreaths : Dina Haggerty Photography
Wands: Earthen Jewels

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