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Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Dragon Fantasy}

Sometimes to get my daughter to cooperate for photographs I have to promise her some pretty strange things.  But when she suggested that we try to photograph dragons the creative light bulb went off in my head and I couldn't resist.   I had this costume that worked out perfectly!  What is better than a princess and the dragon?  Plus I have been trying to expand my portfolio in Fantasy Sessions! The idea was all Sammi's.  Initially she wanted to use a toy we picked up at Michael's Arts and Crafts, but if you know anything about me I wanted to step up to the challenge and use Photoshop instead. Finding dragon stock photography is difficult; especially when you have a certain idea in your head.  I was able to obtain some images from and also from Deviantart.


Jillian Cobb Photography said...

Dina Haggerty! These are just amazing! Seriously, your imagination for this fantasy imagery is outstanding! Not to mention your knowhow!

Dina Haggerty said...

Thank you so much Jillian!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Carrie gave you a shout. I'd have never found your website on your own. The fantasy photos are incredible (your work is all good, but those are extra special).

I pinned Carrie's post, but realize now that you do not have a Pinterest button on your website. Do you want me to delete the pin? If so, would you please E-mail and let me know.


Dina Haggerty said...

Yes please pin!! Thank you so very much!!! I didnt see you email so sorry I cant respond that way. xoxox

Anonymous said...

You're right - I wasn't asked for an E-mail address. Glad I checked back!

Anonymous said...

Dina - here's the pin:

And here's an opportunity to network. I've only had repin so far, but it was the Digital Photographer's School. They have guest columnists on there - I'm not sure what you'd want to share - but you might try approaching them to do a column.

This particular fantasy photography is really unusual, but you know how it goes (I work with a lot of consultants) - the shelf life of a new idea is pretty limited. Whether you put yourself out there or not, someone is going to start imitating you.

Anyhow, here's the link. Towards the bottom is information on writing for them.


LeeYen said...

So special. Love love love it.

Steve said...

I guess using a real dragon would have been far too dangerous ;o)

There are a couple of things that really impresses me with your work:

The backgrounds - the odds and ends of gate and stone stairs etc. give the Antoinette shoot a really 'French' feel. And the fields /woods / gardens are just right as well.

The poses - I don't know how you got the kids to cooperate so well. They really seem to have got into it.

The texture / finish of the shots, really shows artistic flare and is totally appropriate for the type of images.

Do you sell any of your work or is it just a hobby at the moment?


Dina Haggerty said...

Thank you very much!! I do not sell any of my portraits. I do this part time as a professional portrait photographer so most of the images posted are of other families children and my own. I do sell my nature artwork.

Thank you very much for your kind words!! :-)