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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Brave Concept Shoot}

This is one of three conceptual shoots that I have planned for this year.  For this particular shoot I had a vision for a very organic version of Merida from Disney's, Brave.  I had been planning this session for months and was trying to nail everything right down to the shoes and stockings on her feet.  I knew exactly who would my Merida would be; my beautiful niece is the perfect Merida.  Not only does she have a gorgeous head of red hair, but her personality mirrors the main character of the movie; fiery, independent and brave!

For the styling I originally asked Well Dressed Lady to create a gown in tartan, but Frankie, the owner and creator, suggested a dress that was similar to the character in the movie.  Her final creation was stunning!  A flowing white cotton chemise layered with a linen teal, cotehardie that laced up the back with cream ribbon.  It was perfection!  I added a tartan sash and leather belt that I picked up in a thrift store the day of the shoot, brown loafers and cream tights and my daughter's Disney Store toy bow and arrow set (with suction cup tips) completed the ensemble.

My sister in law was able to charter two horses from a local stable,  Rebel Ridge Farm (nothing like having two horses to choose from).  My long time and good friend, Celeste Rockel, created the wisp for me.  All that was left was a location.  I knew I wanted a wooded location, but I needed an area that had a clearing so that I could add elements from the movie such as a stone circle and the wisps.  I found the perfect spot the morning of my shoot in Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, PA.

This session was a dream for me.  I absolutely fell in love with creating a fantasy element in my photography and I would love to carry that over for my clients as well.  I am thinking on adding this genre to my line up this year.  I want to thank everyone that was involved; Frankie from Well Dressed Lady, Rebel Ridge Farm, Celeste Rockel, and the hair styling by LaMirage Salon.  And of course I want to thank my lovely sister in law and beautiful niece!! xoxoxo

Styling:  Well Dressed Lady


Teresa Schmid Photography said...

These are absolutely wonderful!

Lai said...

I love your conceptual fantasy series Dina! You are so talented and an expert in photoshop! Love the texture, colors, and ideas in these shots.

Sarah B said...

The way you see things is truly amazing! Every single one of these shots is awesome!!

LeeYen said...

Amazing! Love every last detail. Little kids will have so much fun during these sessions :D

Melissa De Mers said...

These are amazing! I love your work. :)

Natalie Bee said...

These are absolutely stunning! One of the best concept shoots I've ever seen!!! Bravo.